Leaky Gut Syndrome

Are you suffering from food allergies, joint pain, autoimmune diseases, low energy or skin conditions? It may be leaky gut.

Leaky Gut Syndrome, known medically as increased Intestinal Permeability, is a condition affecting the intestines that can cause various adverse reactions throughout the body. People with leaky gut may feel abdominal pain and bloating. They may develop Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and allergies, among other conditions. At the Health and Vitality Center, a leading center for Functional Medicine in Los Angeles, Dr. Shiva Lalezar is an expert in treating Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Your intestines are lined with cells that form a barrier to ensure that only properly digested proteins, fats and starches permeate the barrier and pass into your bloodstream. Normally, the spaces between these cells are tightly sealed to prevent toxins and bad bacteria from entering the blood. When these bonds loosen, however, undigested food particles and larger molecules escape into the bloodstream and travel through the body. This triggers the immune system to attack these cells and cause responses such as inflammation and irritation throughout the body.

One of the main causes of leaky gut syndrome is heavy metal toxicity. Chronic stress, a poor diet filled with processed foods and refined sugars, infections and parasites, and some medications have been cited as triggers for leaky gut.

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How is it diagnosed?

Dr. Lalezar uses a blood test offered by Cyrex Laboratory which screens for multiple antibodies that indicate you have elevated Intestinal Permeability. 

How is it treated?

If you are diagnosed with leaky gut, Dr. Lalezar will place you on a treatment protocol to heal the gut lining. This protocol may entail IV infusion therapy, allergy elimination diet, chelation therapy, candida cleanses, and targeted nutritional supplements.

How do I find out more about Leaky Gut?

If you suspect you are suffering from leaky gut, contact the friendly and compassionate staff at the Health & Vitality Center at 310-477-1166 or click here to schedule an appointment. Dr. Lalezar, a Los Angeles wellness and functional medicine specialist, will thoroughly examine you and guide you toward the holistic treatment that’s right for you.

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Testimonials that say a lot!

“Dr. Lalezar, just a note to thank you for the chelation treatments, which have made a major difference in my health! All of your services are really excellent but the chelation in particular is fantastic.”

Bill P.

“Ever since I have been seeing Dr. Lalezar, my overall health has improved 100%. Dr. Lalezar’s techniques and methods have helped me lose over 60lbs and maintain the weight loss. I have not felt this healthy and young in years.”

Selin Clementine

“Dr. Lalezar has changed my life. Before I became her patient, I consulted with several doctors, but to no avail. After being treated by Dr. Lalezar, all of that changed.”

R. Shemtoub

“She literally has changed my life both psychologically and physically. Her advice along with her treatments works so well that I have a totally different life now.”

Nazanin Student

“Five years ago, I couldn’t even walk and now I am dancing! YES – GO TO DR. LALEZAR! She is the best physician in Los Angeles (and maybe the world)!”

Leanne S.

“Dr. Lalezar is the best! She helped me recover from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and I am feeling the best I have in 14 years. I cannot recommend her enough!”

Marissa M.

“I went to Dr. Lalezar frustrated that after having seen 4 specialists. No one could figure out what was wrong with my thyroid. Well, she did in the first 10 minutes I met her. I highly recommend Dr Lalezar.”

Farahnaz F.

“I have my Dr. Lalezar to thank for my life and my health. I spent probably over $100,000 over the years looking for answers only to be told it was all in my head. I am so grateful. If I hadn’t found her, I can’t imagine where I’d be.”

Suzy M.

“I feel better than I have felt in years thanks to Dr. Lalezar. I had been to other doctors … She has prescribed balancing hormones and various minerals and micronutrients to get me feeling better than ever. Those, along with chelation IVs have made incredible transformations in my health.”

Margaret G.

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