“Being treated by Dr. Lalezar made something click. Her consultation provided insights that changed my life. Over the years, her suggestions have made real and measurable improvements in my health, attitude, mood, and even my being.

I was also taken by the way Dr. Lalezar practices medicine. As a member of an HMO, I was usually shuttled from room to room, rushed through consultations, and generally just treated like a number on a chart. Much to my delight, my experience with Dr. Lalezar was the exact opposite: it felt like I was seeing my family doctor who had been treating me for years!

Dr. Lalezar’s intuitive and caring nature are more than any patient could hope for, regardless of where they’re being treated. I’m happy to find her at the Health and Vitality Center, where she is able to practice to her full potential. To this day, I still follow Dr. Lalezar’s advice, and can’t thank her enough for the positive affects she’s had on my life.”

A Grateful Patient – Los Angeles, CA

How do I find out more about our intuitive approach?

Call the Health & Vitality Center at 310-477-1166 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are one of the leading centers for natural medicine in Los Angeles. Doctor Shiva Lalezar is a holistic doctor who helps relieve symptoms by correcting the problem at its source. Our practice uses an integrative approach, combining the best conventional therapies with the latest techniques and treatments in functional medicine for optimal results.