This review is long overdue. Dr. Lalezar is by far and away the best doctor in Los Angeles. I know this from first-hand experience.

What makes Dr. Lalezar the best? Beyond her incredible knowledge of Western/alternative medicine, she is always trying to treat the CAUSE — not the SYMPTOM. Most importantly, Dr. Lalezar is very compassionate and is always willing to listen. She was always open to hearing my thoughts, discussing options and was always learning about the latest treatments and advancements.

You feel like you’re in this together as a team. She also has an amazing way of making you feel like everything will be alright, which went a long way to helping me recover.

In the end, when I’d seen so many docs that couldn’t help me with my medical concerns — Dr. Lalezar did. They say the proof is in the pudding, well, I could see the results in my labs, and the way I felt. Dr. Lalezar helped me get my life back and I will always be grateful.

One thing: I noticed another review commenting about some services not being covered. This is true of all functional medicine docs/treatments. Unfortunately, insurance hasn’t caught up with the latest advancements, and quite frankly, most conventional docs do not understand some of the techniques used in functional medicine (which is why many of their patients continue to suffer).

Finally, everyone who works in Dr. Lalezar’s office is amazing, including Sheri at the front desk!

Tim S. – San Francisco, United States

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