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Aaron J. Los Angeles, USA

Amazing experience. Dr. Lalezar was very nice and professional. Office staff was terrific. The woman who gave me my IV was equally amazing. They paid a lot of attention to me and asked me

M.V. L. – Los Angeles, USA

I was intrigued by the "Myer's cocktail" IV vitamin boost...and it's amazing. Happy hour definitely has a new spin. Dr. Lalezar has a wealth of information and treatment suggestions. I love how she integrates

Sheyda l. – Mission Viejo, USA

I went to Health and Vitality Center for my first "Myers Cocktail", which is a vitamin drip combining vitamin B and C, B complex, Folic acid and some other vitamins I can't recall, and

Michelle D – Los Angeles, USA

I have recently started at the Health and Vitality center on Wilshire and Federal in LA CA. Dr.Lalezar is not just a DO she is a wonderful Holistic Doctor, she listens to your problems, guides

Diana E. – Los Angeles, USA

Dr Lelazar is great! She tested me for things other doctors just ignored. Thanks to her my health is back on track. I highly recommend her!! Diana E. - Los Angeles, United States

J S. – Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Lalazar is wonderful and truly caring. She made me feel comfortable and in good hands. Natalie and Mary Jane are such joys that bring sunshine into the space. Everyone is very professional and I

Alexandra P. – USA

I'm an MD currently practicing in New York and transitioning from Anesthesiology to Functional Medicine. Dr. Lalezar was kind enough to let me observe her in her practice for a week. She's not only an

Chris C. – Los Angeles, USA

Dr Lalezar was wonderful and an expert at what she does. She really cares about her patients. I'm scared of needles and Nathalie, the nurse, was so gentle and made me very comfortable. The entire

Jeff H. – Santa Monica, USA

I couldn't pinpoint why I was feeling "off", so I went in a got a series of tests done, (stool, urine, blood). Dr. Lalezar walked me through the results, put me on the supplements that

Dillon S. – Los Angeles, USA

Seeing Dr. Lalezar for chelation. So far a success and my first time working with a doctor educated in curing modern human ailments, as opposed to treating a list of symptoms with pills. For anyone

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