Are you searching for the correct diagnosis of your chronic or complex health issue?

Have you received more medications than treatments that work for your condition?

Will you ever know the root cause of your illness, or ever find a doctor who knows how to treat it?

Dr. Shiva Lalezar has helped restore thousands of patients to wellness at the Health & Vitality Center in Los Angeles.

As the leader in Functional Medicine in Los Angeles, Dr. Lalezar has extensive experience in Alternative/Holistic Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Chronic Disease and Anti-Aging. As a Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Lalezar uses a naturopathic holistic approach to engage each patient in the quest for health and vitality. Even patients who have seen other holistic doctors in Los Angeles are enjoying breakthrough results that are transforming their lives at the Health and Vitality Center.

How is Dr. Lalezar different from other holistic doctors? At the Health and Vitality Center, Dr. Lalezar has created a sanctuary for people who are suffering with underlying health conditions that have yet to be discovered or effectively treated. Many of Dr. Lalezar’s patients were given therapies that only suppressed their symptoms. Dr. Lalezar spends time with you, listening to your history and exploring any genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that may cause your illness or chronic condition. Dr. Lalezar uses unique, targeted diagnostic tests that utilize the latest scientific insights to determine the root cause of your condition and to create the best treatment plan for you. She then delivers highly effective treatments, such as IV chelation therapy (Heavy Metal Detox), IV Vitamin therapy, glutathione IV, Myers cocktail and more, to rapidly restore your health and youthful vitality.

The Health & Vitality Center is one of the leading centers for Functional Medicine in Los Angeles.

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