couch for home IV

Need At Home IV Therapy?

Health and Vitality Center comes to you, with our @home IV infusion therapy

For many patients, receiving treatment in a home setting is preferable to care at our clinic, or through other outpatient facilities. Our Health and Vitality @home program was set up in response to our patient’s needs, while allowing us to maintain the highest standards in personal service and clinical management.

Offering the comfort and convenience of your own surroundings, our @home IV infusion treatments have been proven to be a safe and effective alternative for many therapies.

Some of the treatments that we are offering @home are: intravenous vitamin c at home, Myers cocktail IV at home, hangover IV service, IV hydration at home & in home alcohol detox service.

During your @home treatments you will continue to receive clinical care following Dr. Lalezar’s instructions and treatment plan. Your care takes place at your home, or office, by a specially trained Registered Nurse that is highly skilled in administering in home IV infusion therapy treatments on site.

Before beginning our mobile IV therapy program @home, Dr. Lalezar will perform a thorough patient assessment in addition to the regular diagnostic testing and treatment plan. Dr. Lalezar’s team will visit you at home to ensure that it is comfortable and appropriate for @home care. Just like all our treatments in our clinic, we emphasize the importance of ongoing patient assessment, care planning and management by clinical infusion specialist RN’s under the guidance of Dr. Lalezar.

We believe that our holistic approach and careful attention to patient care are essential to achieving high-quality outcomes for all of our patients receiving in home IV infusion therapy treatments through our @home mobile IV therapy program.

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