Severe Chronic Pain, IBS

Success Story: Patient Testimonial

I’ve been dealing with “IBS” for about 9 years now. I got treated by at least 14 different doctors. They all told me that this was as good as it got, that this would be something I would have to deal with all my life. Their treatments would work for just a week or so and then I would go back to feeling horrible pain after every single meal. I tried Yoga, alternative treatments, meditation, nothing made a real different.
On February I met Dr Lalezar. She was the first person to not look at me like I was crazy. She run several tests no one else had ever though of running and had a great  explanation of what my situation was by our second meeting.

Since she started treating me I’ve been pain free. I hadn’t spent more than 2-3 days without pain since 2005…and now it’s been 3 months already. The great thing is she didn’t stop there, she is also helping me solve other issues that I had and giving my body all the tools it needs to work well.

One thing I read about her on yelp was that she was expensive. I’ve spent a “lot” of money on these last months, it was the money better spent in a long time. I’m sure I even saved money by catching this early on before it developed onto something worse. Other doctors were suggesting expensive tests that made no sense and instead with that money I got the tests and solutions with Dr Lalezar. There is nothing better to spend your money on.

I highly recommend Dr Lalezar. I feel 5 years younger, I have lots of energy and actually right now my husband is in her office for his first consultation. I would bring my whole family to her. I trust her and I’m so grateful I found her.

Lelia P.
Marina del Rey, United States

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Call the Health & Vitality Center at 310-477-1166 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are one of the leading centers for natural medicine in Los Angeles. Doctor Shiva Lalezar is a holistic doctor who helps relieve symptoms by correcting the problem at its source. Multiple Sclerosis and Heavy Metals can be managed using conventional methods, or successfully treated through Dr. Lalezar’s superior understanding. Our practice uses an integrative approach, combining the best conventional therapies with the latest techniques and treatments in functional medicine for optimal results.