I cannot thank Dr. Lalezar enough for her help. Last year, while I was attending college in Los Angeles, I began suffering adrenal fatigue, IBS type symptoms, and overall feeling lousy- brain fog, tired all of the time, weight gain, hypothyroidism, etc. My previous doctor checked all of my hormone levels and found I was only making trace amounts of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which explains why I was so fatigued and was no longer having my period. However, her only solution was to prescribe birth control. I was dissatisfied with this solution (or lack of) that I searched for a functional medicine physician to help me get to the root cause of my symptoms.

I was impressed by how determined Dr. Lalezar was to help me figure out my health issues. She did a few different lab tests including a heavy metal test and a stool analysis. Turns out a had high levels of mercury in my system and many of my symptoms stemmed from this toxicity. I continued going back to the Health and Vitality center routinely for chelation treatments and was also on an individualized supplement regimen. After the first couple of treatments my energy improved immensely and after a few months I was back to feeling my best.

Sherry, Christine and Dr. Lalezar are such nice people and the center itself is relaxing and welcoming. I definitely recommend Dr. Lalezar because she had a unique approach to addressing my issues and was able to solve my health problems when other doctors could not.

Hannah L. – Des Moines, United States

How do I find out more about Adrenal Fatigue, IBS, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Weight Gain and Hypothyroidism, etc.?

Call the Health & Vitality Center at 310-477-1166 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are one of the leading centers for natural medicine in Los Angeles. Doctor Shiva Lalezar is a holistic doctor who helps relieve symptoms by correcting the problem at its source. Adrenal fatigue, IBS, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain and hypothyroidism, etc. can be managed using conventional methods, or successfully treated through Dr. Lalezar’s superior understanding. Our practice uses an integrative approach, combining the best conventional therapies with the latest techniques and treatments in functional medicine for optimal results.