Many people in my circles have asked about the procedure for heavy metal removal I went through Dec. 2014 until the end of Feb. 2015. This fall, I had major epiphanies about just how different I was feeling, and looking. I got tested in Sept. 2014 in Salt Lake City, where I first discovered I had high heavy metals in my body, from years of living as a Costume Crafter, Dyer, etc. (even with using safety equipment, gloves, respirator, etc. as I should…the skin is our largest absorption organ, and I’m sure I was slowly exposed over the years.) Add to that I live on this planet, with pollution, and I travel a lot, so I’ve been around very different water sources, air quality, etc. etc. There’s no one place I can trace this to…I can only see the results of two different tests, from two different health practitioners that revealed I had high levels of various heavy metals.  I won’t go into it more here, but if anyone is curious, or wants more information about my experience, I’m happy to share. In my NON MEDICAL opinion, as a person who has had myofascial pain all over my body, insomnia, and also trouble waking after sleeping, difficulty losing fat, and a myriad of other problems, this is a very quiet, slow, insidious problem, that isn’t on the radar in the majority of the medical community.

I got tested for Fibromyalgia…negative. I had acupuncture, massage, and looked for supplements to help with joint and soft  tissue pain (I’m a person who prefers an approach that incorporates Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Eastern medicine, and finding root causes first, and if necessary, trying a prescription if that fails.) Those techniques offered great relief, but not a solution to the root problem. I searched and asked, and dug for answers and solutions for years. I suffered with burning pain all over my body, and extreme joint pain, for over 20 years. Since completing the treatments I did with my doctor in Los Angeles, (who I searched for, and found as a practitioner who does heavy metal chelation assessment) nearly two years later, I have an 85% reduction in the myofascial pain…and it keeps lessening (I CAN’T BELIEVE THE RELIEF I HAVE NOW…I cried when I realized it was improving steadily.) Without intending, I’ve safely and slowly lost 35 lbs. including the “shelf” I had over my liver that was constantly sore, and hot. I found through my research that the body surrounds heavy metals in fat to try to keep it away from the muscle…to try to contain it. I’m so relieved to have found one piece of my health puzzle, and I wanted to share it far and wide, to encourage others to become informed, and research it. I am not recommending anything to anyone, other than, if this resonates with you…find a Dr. who is informed about this topic, and talk to them. If you are in Los Angeles or can travel there, I can’t recommend Dr. Lalezar enough!
Here’s to your health!

Janet C. – Washington, DC, United States

How do I find out more about Heavy Metal Toxicity, Joint Pain, Myofascial Pain, Insomnia?

Call the Health & Vitality Center at 310-477-1166 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are one of the leading centers for natural medicine in Los Angeles. Doctor Shiva Lalezar is a holistic doctor who helps relieve symptoms by correcting the problem at its source. Heavymetal toxicity, joint pain, myofascial pain and insomnia can be managed using conventional methods, or successfully treated through Dr. Lalezar’s superior understanding. Our practice uses an integrative approach, combining the best conventional therapies with the latest techniques and treatments in functional medicine for optimal results.