This review is long but thorough, and I encourage anyone suffering from what I have suffered from (for years) to read on. I have been seeing Dr. Lalezar for 2 years and I can honestly say that she and her staff have given me back my life. Prior to seeing Dr. Lalezar I had: hair loss, weight gain, eczema all over my body, acne, brain fog, insomnia, lethargy, aches/pains and depression. I would have terrible mood swings and anxiety two weeks before my period, every month like clockwork. I was a monster, and I just couldn’t control myself. I wouldn’t leave my home during these times because I was afraid of getting into fights with co-workers, strangers at grocery stores and restaurants. My relationships with my friends, family and partner were all suffering as a result of my mood swings. Every month,  2 weeks before my period, I felt crazy. And not ha-ha crazy. I was a monster.

I saw several doctors in the 5 years prior to seeing Dr. Lalezar that 1) either didn’t know what I had and didn’t care to run any other labs besides the standard CBC and BMP, and  2) simply dismissed me as being depressed and prescribed anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds. I have been on oral and topical steroids for my eczema for 5+ years and it was actually getting worse as months went by. Doctors were baffled, so they would just prescribe a different steroid. Other docs would put me on a cocktail of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants and constantly switch out meds to try and figure out what combo would work.  No combination of meds and/or steroids ever worked to alleviate my symptoms, not even a little.

I did my own research on mood swings that only happened during the 2 weeks before my period and wondered if I had PMDD. I was finally able to get an appointment at UCLA with doctors that specialized in PMDD and they confirmed the diagnosis. It was a relief to have a diagnosis (even if it wasn’t a good one) but it still didn’t explain the eczema, hair loss and acne. The UCLA docs continued my medication cocktail and I had some relief. I knew that I was going to get good, but standard treatment at UCLA and I wanted something more. I figured there had to be some sort of alternative therapies that could help me. That’s when I started looking for doctors providing alternative treatments for PMDD in the LA area and found Dr. Lalezar.

When I first saw Dr. Lalezar, I explained my entire history, brought labs from my previous doctors and all my medications that I had ever been on that did not work. I was apprehensive and almost expected to be dismissed again. But she didn’t dismiss me and instead, she promised we would get to the bottom of my issues. She is the ONLY doctor that has ever vowed to get to the bottom of my issues. She ran slew of hormone studies and found that I had low progesterone and testosterone. No other doctor had run hormone tests even though I told them I only had the mood swings before my period. Dr. Lalezar prescribed bio-identical hormone creams to treat the hormone deficiencies. I felt about 75% better with hormone replacement therapy. I was very happy with the outcome, but Dr. Lalezar wanted me to feel 100% better and decided to run more tests. That’s when she found that I had mercury toxicity from old fillings. She asked (did not demand) that I stop my cocktails of meds and steroids from the previous doctors. Since they weren’t really helping anyway, I had no problem stopping.

I immediately had my fillings removed and started IV chelation and vitamin therapy over the course of 14 weeks. The first 4 sessions, I felt worse, but I knew it was the mercury being mobilized from my tissues that needed to be excreted. By the 5th session, I was starting to feel better. I noticed my eczema clearing up and a bald patch on my head was starting to fill in. Treatment days made me so tired, but overall I felt better and my partner said that he was no longer of afraid of me during those two weeks before my period.  By the end of my 10th treatment, I felt normal. I hadn’t felt normal in years. My hair was growing back, my eczema completely cleared up, my acne disappeared, brain fog was gone, I could sleep, depression was non-existent and best of all, I wasn’t a monster before my period anymore.

I have continued to take all the supplements recommended by Dr. Lalezar. Again, these were recommended, she didn’t demand that I take them. Also, the nurses that do the IV therapy are so kind and patient and made the treatments much more tolerable.

Now, I’ll address the negative remarks that I have seen posted on yelp. Treatments are expensive and most are not covered by ANY insurance. It has nothing to do with the dr. prescribing them, it has to do with insurance. There IS a parking lot adjacent to the office. Dr. Lalezar and her staff are nothing but kind and courteous. I have seen patients be horrible to the Dr and her staff and yet they maintain their kindness and professionalism. I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Lalezar.

Rose T. – Los Angeles, United States

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