“When I first came to see you my blood pressure was 160/90, my blood sugar was 143, and my weight was 179 lbs. I was taking six different pills to “control” my blood pressure and had taken 2-3 different pills to control my blood sugar. Needless to say, I was dealing with many different side effects from these medications. I was also under the care of a cardiologist, nephrologist, endocrinologist, and an Internist!

You suggested that I go on the HCG Weight Loss Program. After completing the 7-day detox protocol, I experienced amazing results: I lost four pounds! Within a week of starting the HCG my vitals were all good. My weight fell at an average rate of one pound per day and my blood sugar significantly decreased to 105. For the past 29 days my blood pressure has been consistently within the range of 124/74 and 130/79, and I now take only one medication to control my blood pressure.

I went from a size 14 to a size 10. Thank you for my new look and for improving my life. Your office staff is the best, and they are to be thanked as well. I feel like a wonderful new woman!”

Shirley S. – Los Angeles

Description of HCG and Typical Approaches to Treatment

How do I find out more about Diabetes, Hypertension, HCG Diet?

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