Weight Loss

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Nicole B. – Los Angeles, USA

My eczema, hair growth and acid reflux GERD has improved due to chelation and the supplements I was given! Definitely have improved symptoms other than weight loss! Nicole B. - Los Angeles, United States

Nedi R. – Downtown, Los Angeles

After a year of agony and torment of seeing my primary doctor and several specialists. I realized that my current medical conditions were beyond their scope. With what started with one medical problem quickly

James R. Manhattan, USA

Ive never written a Yelp review, and I'd be hard pressed to write anything positive or negative about any business listed on this site, but my experience at health and vitality absolutely demanded I

Janet C. – Washington, DC, USA

Many people in my circles have asked about the procedure for heavy metal removal I went through Dec. 2014 until the end of Feb. 2015. This fall, I had major epiphanies about just how different

Ted P. – Los Angeles, CA

“I went for a general check up. I had some discomfort from inflammation. I completed tests that the doctor recommended, completed a detox program for heavy metals as recommended, made changes in my diet

Suzy M. – Los Angeles, CA

“I have to thank Dr. Lalezar for my life and my health. For about 15 years I suffered with extreme hypoglycemia, tremors, fatigue, heart palpitations, back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, eczema, and the list

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