Chronic Pain

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Bill P. – Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Lalezar, just a note to thank you for the chelation treatments, which have made a major difference in my health! It was sobering when you showed me the test results indicating I had

Kendra P. – Los Angeles, USA

I suffered from fibromyalgia for a decade.  Doctors urged me to take way too many prescription pain killers, antidepressants and muscle relaxers but I got no relief, just a bunch of horrible side effects.

Matt D. Manhattan Beach, USA

Dr. Lalezar helped turn my life around. I was forced to retire due to errors from workers compensation doctors. They left me with permanent disability issues in addition to destroying my digestive, immune, and

Rose T. – Los Angeles, USA

This review is long but thorough, and I encourage anyone suffering from what I have suffered from (for years) to read on. I have been seeing Dr. Lalezar for 2 years and I can honestly

Suzy M. – Los Angeles, CA

“I have to thank Dr. Lalezar for my life and my health. For about 15 years I suffered with extreme hypoglycemia, tremors, fatigue, heart palpitations, back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, eczema, and the list

Lelia P. – Marina del Rey, CA

“I’ve been dealing with “IBS” for about 9 years now. I got treated by at least 14 different specialists. They all told me that this was as good as it got, that this would be

Julie M. – Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Lalezar diagnosed my extremely elevated mercury levels, and after 10 chelations, I am feeling less fatigue and brain fog, as well as a dramatic reduction in my mercury level. Dr. Lalezar also treated

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