When I started gaining weight, quickly, for no reason back in 2012, I just KNEW something was off. I hadn’t suddenly starting eating cake and ice cream for breakfast, ya know? Not only was I gaining weight, but it was making me pretty depressed too.

I did a little bit of research online and found Suzanne Somers. I read a lot of her information online and it seemed to be the answer I was looking for. She had a doctor referral section on her website, and through that, I found Dr. Lalezar.

Dr. Lalezar has been a godsend! She discovered (thru simple blood tests) that my hormones were completely out of balance and that was the reason for the weight gain. WHO KNEW?!? I certainly didn’t. It was very simple to get my hormones back in balance. After balancing the hormones – and the hcg diet – the weight fell off. (I am happy to report that three years later, the weight is still gone.)

She also tested me for heavy metals (thru a simple urine test) and found that I had ELEVEN TIMES the amount of mercury in my system than what was considered normal. Heavy metals in your system can cause all sorts of problems, ie, alcohol intolerance (which was one of my questions to her as well…seemed I got a headache from even the teeniest amount of alcohol), brain fog (yep), inability to lose weight (yep), depression symptoms (yep), extreme fatigue (had this too), insomnia (yep), forgetfulness (yep), and the list goes on and on… I had the chelation treatments over the course of a year and got my mercury to the normal level. All of those symptoms went away and I felt (and still feel) really, really great.

I also had several vitamin and mineral deficiencies which were easily fixed with supplements.

It’s all a matter of data. Test the blood/urine for the data, get the answers. I haven’t felt better in YEARS. I take no pharmaceutical medication any longer an am healthy as a horse!

I highly recommend Dr. Lalezar to everyone!! I sing her praises to all of my friends.

Also, on a side note, her staff (especially Sherry!) is just so wonderful. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Karen P. – Los Angeles, United States

How do I find out more about Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia?

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