About Dr. Shiva Lalezar

For over 15 years, Dr. Shiva Lalezar has been the leader in Functional and Holistic Medicine in Los Angeles. She is a pioneer in using glutathione IV and IV vitamin drip therapy for the treatment of complex conditions. Dr. Lalezar employs both conventional and alternative therapies in her scope of practice. She founded the Health and Vitality Center in 2008 to bring the highest quality holistic treatments to patients who often require precise testing to uncover the root cause of their chronic or complex health condition. Many of her new patients have gone for years without a correct diagnosis or effective treatment of their illness, even at other holistic offices.

Sonja L. – Los Angeles, USA

When I found Dr Lalazar (Heath & Vitality Center) I was lethargic, couldn't lose weight, my hair was falling out and I could barley function. She immediately identified my symptoms, my life and the phenomena

James R. Manhattan, USA

Ive never written a Yelp review, and I'd be hard pressed to write anything positive or negative about any business listed on this site, but my experience at health and vitality absolutely demanded I

Rose T. – Los Angeles, USA

This review is long but thorough, and I encourage anyone suffering from what I have suffered from (for years) to read on. I have been seeing Dr. Lalezar for 2 years and I can honestly

Karen P. – Los Angeles, USA

When I started gaining weight, quickly, for no reason back in 2012, I just KNEW something was off. I hadn't suddenly starting eating cake and ice cream for breakfast, ya know? Not only was I

Cin H. – Playa Vista, USA

I been sick my whole life, I could remember as young as 6 years old having severe stomach problems. I remember vividly  once for 7 days being sick I must have been no more

Janet C. – Washington, DC, USA

Many people in my circles have asked about the procedure for heavy metal removal I went through Dec. 2014 until the end of Feb. 2015. This fall, I had major epiphanies about just how different

Connie W. – Los Angeles, USA

Starting in February 2018 I started to develop a mysterious, severe face rash that conventional doctors could not determine the cause. By March, it progressed and it was very felt like my face

A Grateful Patient – Los Angeles, CA

“Being treated by Dr. Lalezar made something click. Her consultation provided insights that changed my life. Over the years, her suggestions have made real and measurable improvements in my health, attitude, mood, and even my

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