About Dr. Shiva Lalezar

For over 15 years, Dr. Shiva Lalezar has been the leader in Functional and Holistic Medicine in Los Angeles. She is a pioneer in using glutathione IV and IV vitamin drip therapy for the treatment of complex conditions. Dr. Lalezar employs both conventional and alternative therapies in her scope of practice. She founded the Health and Vitality Center in 2008 to bring the highest quality holistic treatments to patients who often require precise testing to uncover the root cause of their chronic or complex health condition. Many of her new patients have gone for years without a correct diagnosis or effective treatment of their illness, even at other holistic offices.

Aaron J. Los Angeles, USA

Amazing experience. Dr. Lalezar was very nice and professional. Office staff was terrific. The woman who gave me my IV was equally amazing. They paid a lot of attention to me and asked me

Leanne S. – Sherman Oaks, USA

I have suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for over five years and I wasn't able to walk.. I refused to take any of the drugs because of all the side effects, so I was healing

Nicole B. – Los Angeles, USA

My eczema, hair growth and acid reflux GERD has improved due to chelation and the supplements I was given! Definitely have improved symptoms other than weight loss! Nicole B. - Los Angeles, United States

Nedi R. – Downtown, Los Angeles

After a year of agony and torment of seeing my primary doctor and several specialists. I realized that my current medical conditions were beyond their scope. With what started with one medical problem quickly

Bill P. – Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Lalezar, just a note to thank you for the chelation treatments, which have made a major difference in my health! It was sobering when you showed me the test results indicating I had

Hannah L. Des Moines, USA

I cannot thank Dr. Lalezar enough for her help. Last year, while I was attending college in Los Angeles, I began suffering adrenal fatigue, IBS type symptoms, and overall feeling lousy- brain fog, tired

Kendra P. – Los Angeles, USA

I suffered from fibromyalgia for a decade.  Doctors urged me to take way too many prescription pain killers, antidepressants and muscle relaxers but I got no relief, just a bunch of horrible side effects.

M.V. L. – Los Angeles, USA

I was intrigued by the "Myer's cocktail" IV vitamin boost...and it's amazing. Happy hour definitely has a new spin. Dr. Lalezar has a wealth of information and treatment suggestions. I love how she integrates

Aleksandra P. Playa del Rey, USA

Dr Lalezar is absolutely amazing! I came in with skin issues, chronic fatigue, brian fog, and was well on my way to developing hypothyroid and Dr Lalezar changed my life. She did all of the

Matt D. Manhattan Beach, USA

Dr. Lalezar helped turn my life around. I was forced to retire due to errors from workers compensation doctors. They left me with permanent disability issues in addition to destroying my digestive, immune, and

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