“I would like to thank Dr. Lalezar because when I started seeing her I was experiencing headaches almost daily and occasional full blown migraines. I was often anxious and the most trivial things would trigger anxiety attacks. My exercise-induced asthma was getting worse… Not good for a high school athlete.

I was taking Advair in the morning and at night time, and taking an Albuterol inhaler almost daily. With the help of Dr. Lalezar and her recommendations, including a gluten free diet, headaches are rare (and usually from not sticking to my diet) My anxiety is under control and after 6 weeks I completely discontinued the use of Advair. Now I only use my inhaler on an occasional basis. Thanks to Dr. Lalezar I’ve experienced significant improvement in how I feel, not only physically but also emotionally.”

Jenna Drucker – Age 14

Description of Asthma and Typical Approaches to Treatment

How do I find out more about Asthma, Migraines, Allergies, and Anxiety?

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