Due to daily exposure to environmental pollutants we accumulate toxins in our body which makes it essential to cleanse these toxins on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances our body has the ability to detoxify these toxins but when we consume processed foods and have a nutrient deficient diet, the detoxification pathways in the liver get effected and we are not able to detoxify on our own.

The 10 day cleanse is designed to enhance phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways in the liver. It also cleanses major organs such as the kidneys and the colon.

The cleanse consists of a hypoallergenic protein shake and capsules which has all the necessary nutrients for cleansing. An allergy elimination diet is followed during the cleanse which will help reduce exposure to allergens and inform patients as to which foods they may be sensitive to.

Patients start feeling better immediately after the cleanse. Many of their symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, gas, and bloating resolves or improves after the cleanse.

How do I find out more about Liver Cleanse?
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