At the University of Kansas City Cancer Center, Dr. Jeanne Drisko has teamed up with oncologist to study the effects of high dose vitamin C on cancer cells. Research has shown that high dose IV vitamin C in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation, kills cancer cells in early stages. It also improves quality of life in those with later stages of cancer.

Dr. Lalezar uses the original Vitamin C protocol used at the Kansas City Cancer Center.

Before starting patients on high dose Vitamin C therapy, a G6 PD level is checked. If it’s abnormal patients won’t be able to undergo this mode of therapy because hemolytic anemia may occur. There is no contraindication in using high dose Vitamin C and Chemo and radiation at the same time.

Vitamin C will be started at low doses and gradually increase in dose. Each infusion may take up to 2-3 hours and it’s given 2-3 times per week.

How do I find out more about IV Vitamin C?
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