If your body absorbs nutrients poorly, or if the normal balance of bacteria in your gut is compromised, you are likely to suffer not only from digestive disorders, but a whole host of other medical conditions. At the Health & Vitality Center, we take an integrative approach to wellness. Shiva Lalezar, a holistic doctor in Los Angeles & the Center’s medical director, is fond of saying, “In Functional Medicine, we know that most problems literally start at the gut level.”

Recognizing this, Dr. Lalezar finds the comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology, or CSDA, to be one of the most valuable diagnostic tests available in her practice because the information it reveals often uncovers the hidden, root causes of her patients’ uncomfortable symptoms.

How is the comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology test performed?
The test gives us an in-depth view into your digestive system’s performance. We thoroughly analyze your stool sample. We will:

  • Look for abnormalities in color and for the presence of blood, mucus, or undigested food
  • Examine the sample microscopically for white blood cells – a hallmark of inflammation – and red blood cells (which may indicate occult, or hidden, bleeding), as well as for globules of fat and starch (indicators of incomplete digestion due to inadequate digestive enzymes or insufficient stomach acid production)
  • Test for beneficial and harmful bacteria (including H. pylori, the organism responsible for causing ulcers and certain types of stomach cancer), yeast, and intestinal parasites
  • Perform a chemical analysis for pH, pancreatic enzymes, bile acids, and other compounds important for good digestion

What underlying medical conditions might the stool analysis and parasitology test identify?

Note: Although digestive disorders are the most obvious medical conditions one would normally associate with a stool test, in fact the CSDA may reveal many other conditions that are less apparent, but still correlated with poor digestion, including:

  • Liver and gallbladder disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders
  • Heavy metal burden (using fecal metal analysis)

Treatment Options:
Based upon the results of this diagnostic test, we may recommend the following treatments:

  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes
  • Custom Diet and Exercise Plans/Lifestyle Modification
  • Chelation Therapy

How do I find out more about CSDA?
Call the Health & Vitality Center at 310-477-1166 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are one of the leading centers for natural medicine in Los Angeles. Holistic doctor Shiva Lalezar not only treats Digestive diseases, she employs methods that prevent it from negatively impacting your everyday life. Our practice uses an integrative approach, combining the best conventional therapies with the latest techniques and treatments in functional medicine for optimal results.

A Note to Medical Professionals:

We often collaborate with a variety of physicians’ practices on puzzling, challenging, and complex medical conditions, and we welcome the opportunity for CROSS-REFERRALS.

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